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While on your cyber journey, explore and enjoy the various aspects of meditative life and feel the relaxation.

At our Siddhyog family,  time-tested ancient tradition of enlightened masters merges with modern scientific approach.  We are sure that our unique approach will help you learn and understand the science and art of leading good life, here and NOW.

What is SiddhYog?

To understand, let us break the word SiddhYog.

Meaning of word “Siddh” means the Perfected process, aspects or approach to reach reality.

Meaning of word “Yog”  or “yoga” stresses us to know it’s roots in sanskrit , which is “Yuj”. It means to join individual consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness.

So in essence SiddhYog means, Perfected process, path or approach to join with Reality or Cosmic Consciousness.


Kundalini – The source of divine energy within all of us is at very heart of  SiddhYog tradition.

In order to lead a meditative life, one must know the underlying system of individual anatomy and physiology from the metaphysical perspective to evolve Spiritually, Socially and Individually and lead balanced life, here and NOW.

As you explore our website, you will be introduced to various  aspects about this divine energy from the level of initiate to that of an advanced mediator.

Our inspiration

Indeed, it is rare to meet such masters who can uplift the consciousness of true seeker.  We are fortunate to have the same in the form of Shri Vibhakar Pandya.

Simplicity, authenticity and selfless love to all human beings… that is how we can describe personality of our enlightened master.

Per the ancient tradition, we must not address in first name to our Master. Rationality behind the same is, seekers must respect Master for his knowledge of mystic subject and ability to guide seekers very well on Spiritual path

Innovative leader

Growing up under the guidance of Enlightened master Vibhakar Pandya as a spiritual aspirant and seeker,  Shri Vishal Pandya is our innovative  leader for SiddhYog tradition into 21st Century.

Before attaining the samadhi, Enlightened Master Shri . Vibhakar Pandya blessed Shri Vishal Pandya  to guide the humanity.

An enlightened master himself, Shri Vishal Pandya resides in Toronto, Canada.  All spiritual aspirants can reach Shri Vishal Pandya for their spiritual doubts any time.

What Is Shaktipat

Shaktipat is nothing but transmitting the divine grace of super power-causal energy by Siddh Yogi, an Enlightened Master to initiation the seeker. This is very ancient, unique, safe and time-tested path to accelerate the seeker’s journey into Spiritual domain.

It has been observed that many perfected master claim to do the Shaktipat, but very few are actually able to decent the grace and initiate the divine kundalini energy flow of seekers.

Essential SiddhYog Teachings

Based on the tradition of SiddhYog and considering the need of fast moving society in main stream world, Enlightened Master Vibhakar Pandya has created unique method that leads to Self-Realization relatively speedier compared to other paths.

This method consist of various ceremonies from Shaktipat initiation into the SiddhYog path to the advanced level events to achieve healthy and meditative life while being in society and contribute to the welfare of society at the same time.

This system consists of average 6 years ( usually 3 to 18 years depending on individual ) of path that consist of various basic practices to advanced practices. For more details refer to the events page here.


|| Hari Om Tatsat ||