Siddhyogi Vishalbhai

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

SiddhYogi Vishal Bhai Pandya, Master of  Kundalini Initiation Meditation

Guruji Vishalbhai Pandya is a SiddhYogi and master of Kundalini meditation. His upbringing in Gandhinagar, India was completely spiritual. At a very early age, he began his divine journey.  Thus, he is blessed to have his Kundalini power awakened since birth.

After finishing his MBA in marketing, he took the position as a professor at a University. In following years, he founded the “SiddhYog Meditation Ashram” in Deroli, Bharuch District, in the State of Gujarat. Currently, ashram continues to expand under his able guidance.  Ashram has become a place for people to further their journey to  “Self-Realization”. Year round, various meditation workshops are organized  for people to help understand the science of spirituality. Also various worshops are organized that helps the participants to overcome stress and sicknesses such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and cholesterol etc.

There have been a number of methods, such as yoga, that claim to relieve stress; however, the one that stands out is Kundalini Yoga meditation. As a Kundalini master, Guruji has the knowledge of awakening the Kundalini through Shakti Pat (transmitting of spiritual “energy” upon one person by another) in a disciple, thus beginning his journey. Guruji transmits super cosmic vibrations to all his Sadhaks, seekers of Self- Realization, during Kundalini meditation. Once Kundalini is activated, it floods the nervous system with vital Life Force energy. Parts of the body that suffer from damaged nerves or nerve endings can be revitalized. Kundalini awakening cleanses not only  mind, but also body and soul. This technique has proven to be the most effective method to develop higher IQ, greater sensitivity, activate third eye and sharper focusing abilities because of the increase in Pran (cosmic) energy. Furthermore, this meditation gives peace and direction to those who need the same in their spiritual quest. Seekers also gain benefit to overcome restlessness of the mind and freeing it from anxiety and leads one to “universal oneness,” or enlightenment.

In addition to the seminars, SiddhYogi Vishal bhai also guides and conducts on various workshops for  Chakra  purification, Pranic healing, etheric energy therapy, Maun ( Spiritual Silence ) and the Pranayam – Yogic breathing exercises. These unique method of combining Pran and Kundalini energy through meditation has been brought to us by Enlightened Master Vishal Bhai.

Currently, SiddhYogi Vishal Bhai is based in Toronto, Canada. He is ac active instrumental force in introducing the teachings of meditation and Kundalini awakening to the seekers of Canada. Along with his seekers  from India, he has gained support from the residents of Canada and the U.S as well. Vishal bhai also organizes weekly online meditation sessions and interacts with all his seekers. Despite the numerous seekers, he personally attends  to answer question of all the seekers  through phone calls, emails and text messages. Moreover he travels selflessly from country to country with the sole aspiration of furthering Kundalini knowledge to mankind without any expectations in return.

An aspect that arises from routinely meditation is the act of living in Sakshibhav. This “lifestyle” revolves around the idea of being a witness in every event in your life and not partaking in any emotions- good or bad- towards them.Guruji is the prime example of living in Sakshibhav because he follows his spiritual duties while attending to his worldly duties.

At times like this, it is fortunate to have a Sadguru who is ready and willing to guide the seekers with open heart and mind. Words cannot describe. We recommend highly to visit and feel the bliss of Shri Vishal Bhai’s presence.

Come…..Sit….. Experience.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||