Pran Chikitsa

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||

What is Pran Chikitsa or Pranic Healing?

Pran chikitsa in literal sense means, to transmit the flow of pranic (vital and subtle positive) energy which exists in us and in this universe, to the person who is sick under the influence of negative energy or other impurities in the body/mind and get him /her cured. This is spiritual way of healing the person.

Basically, this universe is full of this pranic energy in abundance. Those seekers who are initiated in this SiddhYog system of meditation method devised by Enlightened master shree Vibhakar Pandya, can work as a pranic healer very effectively and there are thousands of pranic healers already doing this now after getting initiated by this unique method of pranic healing.

Actually, Pranic healers who are initiated in this system has their aura functioning at a peak optimized level so that pranic energy is flowing in abundance from their body. We can say that they are like living radiators of pranic energy, in the same way as T.V Transmission tower transmits the broadcasting waves.  Pranic healer in essence able to sense the subtle vibrations from the aura of sick person and immediately knows the operating level of various chakras. Once this basic diagnostic is done, healer transmits the necessary pranic energy to the respective chakras which require the supply of positive pranic energy. At the same time, healer receives the negative pranic energy from the sick person in return. Once the healer supplies the positive pranic energy to the patient, natural curing process for the patient starts immediately. It must be noted that sick person may not be able to get cured completely in one session of pranic healing, but he/she starts to feel the ease immediately following initial pranic healing session .  Eventually, sick person or patient will need more of such sessions of pranic healing which aids in  complete curing process. Curing process also can be accelerated if  patient also does the active meditations daily per the method taught by master.

Interesting thing to know about this method of Pran chikitsa or pranic healing is that, it has no side effects. It is most natural process of healing. In fact, in this process, we are trying to tune with the rhythm of the universe when we are doing pranic healing. Also, there are no monetary exchange required from either side, by healer of sick person. It is one of the most suitable method for all that  is inherently devised by the creator of the universe. Only challenge to use this method is lack of knowledge about this unique system

Main aspect in pranic healing is the use of Subtle and vital energy in the form of “Pran”. Basically healer transmits his / her positive pranic energy to the sick person as an instrumental cause, without any expectations in return.

In terms of origination and historic background of this healing process, this is an ancient process invented by Rishis of Indian tradition. There are many examples of this tradition like Guru – Shishya tradition ( Master and disciple relationship), taking blessings from the elders by bowing their feet, blessing the sick person by putting the hand over the head , going to mountains for outing, beaches, river banks, walking on grass with bare feet, walking in the moon-light in full moon day etc. Basically, same method of pranic healing with the active use of  “Pranic life force” that we have described above is used knowingly or unknowingly by all in these examples to cure the sick person.

As we know that health is most important aspect if one wants to be happy in the life …!

In fact, health is the prime requirement of the life. Even if we want to progress spiritually and advance high in the spiritual life, our body must be functioning very well.  We might have all the riches of the line including wealth and luxuries, but if we do not have the healthy body and mind, we cannot enjoy all these benefits as well. We must know that money has no absolute importance because we often observe in the society that to be healthy and happy, people are. Ready to pay all their material wealth like money, property etc.

While we know the real value of health as seen above, and in fact when panic healing really helps very well to attain the good health very easily and comfortably.  Also, it must be realized at the same time that mental health and well being is also very important besides bodily health and panic healing also comes to the help to attain the mental health and balance very easily.

In present times, most of the sicknesses are psycho-somatic or the sicknesses that has roots in psych, mainly due to mental stresses, that are reflected as gross body dis-functioning.

In nutshell, as a pranic healer, to cure the patient properly, he /she must diagnose the sick person or patience holistically and if required should also take help of possible other healing processes that aids in curing the patient.  This way, it will be very easy to eradicate the sickness from the root  from the patience. Ultimately, main purpose of the healer is to have speedy recovery of the patient from physical and mental sickness,.

A friendly note of caution to the Pranic healer and Patient: This method of pranic healing is not recognized by Govt and medical science as a approved method. This method is purely based on the attitude of selfless service to the humanity. Healer and patient must know this upfront so that they will not end up in any conflicts by any misunderstandings. Healer must not charge money or any other material reward fir the treatment he/she does as this method is purely devised on the basis of selfless service. Enlightened master Vibhakar Pandya used to stress this basic fact whenever he used to initiate the seeker in this method of meditation and healing. Currently, enlightened master Vishal bhai also stresses same thing to all seekers who are initiated.  This not is just for the information of all the new seekers so that they are aware all the time for this basic need and requirement.

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||