Adya Guru Lord Shree Krishna

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

Personality of Lord Krishna has been known to the world very well from the Epic Mahabharata and Bhagvad Geeta’s perspective. At the same time, most of world is also equally  unaware of the Lord Krishna’s real capability and contribution to the world of Philosophy and subtle Science of Yog or Yoga.

At Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal, we not only worship Lord Krishna as Lord himself, but we also follow Lord Krishna as our Guru or Master on the path of Yog or Yoga, mainly the internal yog.

Lord Krishna definitely motivated and inspired the deluded Arjuna’s ability to fight for sure, but at the same time, Lord  Krishna also initiated Arjuna into the subtle and important science of  Yog or Yoga via grace of Shaktipat. It is only after Shaktipat, Arjun’s consciousness was uplifted and his cosmic vision was opened gradually to realize the cosmic consciousness and his true identity in this world.

For us Sadguru Vibhar Pandya came as a direct inspirer and initiator  of Lord Krishna’s teachings. Sadguru Vibhakar Pandya    initiated thousands of seekers via  grace of Shaktipat. This grace of Shaktipat has  accelerated direct  journey of all seekers initiated by him into the unknown world  otherwise cosmic consciousness.

Truly, we are blessed to have this teaching or Lord Krishna via Sadguru Shree Vibhakar R Pandya.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||