Ashram Activities

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||

To be is to be related…!

The purpose of life is not just to be happy alone. One if the important aspect of the life is to be useful to others in most compassionate manner and be an instrument in the lives of others who are not as fortunate as we are.

At SiddhYog Ashram our goal is to be an active partner in the lives of as many souls as we can to touch them spiritually, socially, intellectually in most dignified manner. Year round we organize various projects on the basis of humanitarian goals.

We invite you to enjoy the serene and meditative atmosphere at Siddhyogashram – Meditation Vihara while participating in various selfless projects.

For exact details about various activities that are held at our ashram and participate in near future( within next 3 to 4 weeks), please contact here with following details…

  • Individual Participant
  • Group Participant  ( Please send in details for each participant with following details ) and total number of participants in group
  1.  Individual  First and Last Name
  2.  Date of Birth : ( Month / Date / Year – 4 digit)
  3. Gender : Male / Female
  4. Marital Status : Married / Unmarried
  5.  Country of residence and citizenship
  6.  Professional skills / expertises :
  7. Duration of stay – number of days :  Min 4 days – Maximun 15 days
  8.  Specific medical situation if any  ( all medical papers from Physicians and doctors) and medications taken now with schedule
  9.  Date and time of arrival

Once we receive the details, we will get back to you within 48 hours of time with the possibility of your scheduled stay and exact logistics details.

Come … sit … Experience ….!

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||