||  Hari Om TatSat ||

As we observe the humanity of the current age, we can feel that it has become restless and chaotic. In fact this age really needs peaceful life. Meditation is really a need of the hr and age for sure. Modern human beings wants all the luxuries, perks and professional success in short time which in fact has created the stressful life but cannot go away fro the same. No doubt that adopting the life of meditation is what humanity needs now.

While modern humanity may understand importance of meditation, it is also important to understand, learn and practice the meditation with simple and scientific method so that an average human being can walk on this path comfortably on the same path. Usually, it is very rare to find the experienced Master who is willing to guide the disciple who desires to walk on the path of meditation.

Usually meditation means “EkChitt” in sanskrit or unified state of consciousness. Over the period of time, this word has been understood and interpreted as “One Pointedness” concentration.  But in real meaning of the word “EkChitt” is to be in the state of totality or holistically so that one is aware of all affairs that are happening in the surrounding, especially with mental domain. In a common sense, we can explain that if speaker is delivering a lecture to an audience, if he just talks by watching one person, he is focused on that single person, but if speaker observes the audience at a large and speaks, he is aware of the overall affair that is happening with the total mass of audience at the same time.

Now let us try to go into subtle aspects of this totality.  In our human body, there is subtle flow of energy we call it as consciousness from the toe to head or crown chakra. Consciousness is present at all parts of our body and we are influenced by it’s presence every  moment. IF we are able to watch this play of consciousness from moment to moment, in it’s entirety, we are on the path to meditation. If we can do this without much effort, it can be termed as great achievement. However, it is difficult for new seeker to do this immediately, but with practice, one can do the same. Initially, we need an effort for the same, but slowly slowly it should be done effortlessly. This is what is termed as “effortless effort” per Siddh Yogi Vibhakar Pandya. In essence, meditation means to be in state of natural consciousness. One may achioeve many great power with such a meditative practice in long run, but that is not the goal of the seeker as well.

Usually, people who feel stressed  and are not able to lead a normal life, should try to approach an enlightened master and expert meditator. The very reason for the same is that, master has the ability to listen to the smallest of problems and concerns about the life of seeker. Master can easily understand seeker’s smallest of the problems about the daily life as well as spiritual life. Master is not easily offended by the questions that may be termed a silly other wise in common sense.

At SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal, the founder,  Siddh Yogi or Enlightened Master Vibhakar Pandya used to guide the seekers exactky as mentioned above. In present time, current guide and inspirer the SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal SiddhYogi Vishal Pandya does exactly the same thing. He listens to the smallest of the seeker’s problems and guides them in day to day life as well as in their Spiritual practices.

If you feel that you too will inspire from this approach to learn and understand meditation, please do come and visit us.  We are sure that you will feel some positive experience in your meditative journey here.

On the path to the Enlightenment ...

While we see that meditative life style can yield good benefits as a whole in life for Spiritual and Social affairs. At the same time, seekers must understand that meditative lifestyle needs continuous practice so as to keep the mind, body and intellect in good alignment to lead a healthy and fit life.

It may be challenging to do the meditation regularly despite daily challenges of job, business and minor sicknesses that all encounters always. The reason to be regular in daily meditation practice is that it helps keep the impurities out of body and also helps attain the mental balance easily. Most of the challenges we encounter in day to day life demands ability to take  split-second decisions, keep cool despite challenging situations surrounding us at job and business or in social affairs and work at our peak level. Practitioner of daily meditation is in fact able handle all such situations very easily due to heightened awareness.

On the spiritual side, as seeker regularly practices the meditation by the method taught by SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal, seeker develops an ability to percept the subtle vibrations of various kundalini chakras and also able to sense the subtle changes that happen inside the mind, body and intellect. This in-fact helps seeker  march much faster towards the goal of “Self-Realization”. In advanced stage, as seeker continues the regular meditative life style, he can be an active Pranic Healer.

However, to be an active pranic healer regularly, the seeker should meditate regularly at home and in addition to this, it is essential to the attend the advanced workshops about “Pran Chikitsa” that are helps in India and abroad. For mode details about the various workshops, please check here.

Sakshi bhav - Being witness

When the seekers in their spiritual journey tries to understand what is meditation by practical means,  it is very much important to know the meaning of  word “Saxi bhav” or “being witness” by first hand experiences.

Generally speaking, “being witness” means to be an observer. Most literally this phenomena of “observing” is associated with external objects  and the characters we observe sensually.

In terms of meditation, the “Saxi bhav” or “being witness”  has its own fundamental meaning.

What is this fundamental meaning of word “Sakshi bhav” from meditator’s perspective? We can answer the same in simple words that one must sit alone and observe the inner thought currents with patience. Why do seekers need to do such things as self-observing of the own thoughts? Because,  as soon as the seeker will carefully observe his thoughts, he will also see the interval between the two thoughts. And during this gap between 2 thoughts, there is tremendous possibility that  “self-realization” may happen. Enlightened master Vibhakar Pandya  used to say this repetitively. This way, “Saxi bhav” is very important point of direct study by each seeker himself /her self in their meditative journey.

Those seekers who want to progress further in their meditative journey and understand more about what is “Saxi bhav” in details, they can attend initial Workshops organized by the Siddha Yoga sadhan mandal. For more information about various workshops, please see this page.

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||