||  Hari Om TatSat  ||

Shaktipat is an important event in seeker’s life. Only those seekers who have attained the virtue of doing good deeds, penances and scriptural study for many births, only they gets in touch of  an Enlightened master or  Siddha guru  who graces the seeker with his divine power to progress further in the journey to the “Self-Realization”

According to Yoga, humans have gross physical  body as well as six other bodies associated with it. These are Etheric body, Astral Body, Causal Body, Great Causal body,  Infinite body and Cosmic body.

If we measure the aggregate voltage of the electric current that is flowing in normally operating human body it is 1.5 volt. This amount of current can be increased with the help of yogic practices, meditation and can be increased up to the level of 12 volts maximum. When seekers  body starts to operate at the level of 12 volts after many years of seeking and regular meditation practice,  that person has attained  the level of “Self-Realized” soul per Yogic terminology.

A well developed Yogi, who has learned  meditation under direct guidance of an enlightened master, is able to reach up to the level of Causal body where he is able to tap the super conscious power of this universe. Such Yogis are the authentic person to initiate the seeker onto the path of meditation. When such a developed yogi or an enlightened master graces the seekers,  seekers progresses toward their own journey to be an enlightened master.   Presently, many of the half-learned masters claim to be an enlightened master and tries to grace the disciples to initiate them in spiritual path.These so called yogis have never reached up to the level of causal body. They do this by the use of etheric body and aura body, which in fact is not right for the disciples spiritual progress.

Yoga also says that there are seven chakras in our spinal column. Mulandhar, Swadhishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddha, Agnas and Sahasrars. By awakening the Kundalini power from the base location traditionally called in sanskrit as “Kand”and progressing it towards the last chakra Sahastrar, one can accomplish the spiritual goal of self-realization in systematic manner.

All the seekers of various religious systems of the world usually are associated with some form of rituals. It may be worshiping an idol, mantra chanting, devotional services or meditative practices. All these practices leads to nothing but the awakening of the kundalini , obviously by some indirect path mainly.  When kundalini awakens, it travels upward very easily up to Agnya chakra but after that, there is a gap between Agnya chakra and Sahstrar chakra. This gap can only be completed by the grace of an enlightened master. Basically, enlightened master graces the disciple with his super conscious  causal body current and helps the disciple to achieve the difficult task that usually is an obstacle in the path of “Self-Realization”. This is one of the reason in ancient tradition to respect Guru from heart. This is one of the reason Guru is worshipped as a manifest form of  GOD.

Usually when kundalini awakens due to one or other form of spiritual practice and rituals associated with it, if seeker has no idea about the subtle operating aspects of this divine energy, he /she usually confuses during the manifested form of  side effects that are triggered in the form of vibrations in gross body, or some subtle psychic visions and many such phenomena. During this time, if disciple, approaches the enlightened master who is expert in Kundalini Yoga and meditation, master guides the disciple to properly balances the various chakras of the disciple. This in fact  helps seeker achieve the difficult task with relative ease and comfort.

In terms of spiritual science, Master in fact removes the so called subtle impurities from the seekers mind and body that otherwise would have distracted the seeker from the goal of “Self-Realization” due to the strange things that happens due to the kundalini Awakening.

In the spiritual world, the importance of the guru is described by famous Mystic Poet Yogi  Kabir as follows…

Guru Gobind Dou Khade, kake lagu paay
Balihari Guru aapki, Govind diyo batai.

Means, disciple has been graced so that he is directly in front of an enlightened master and GOD. Now disciple has to choose whom to bow first, master or GOD. Eventually, disciples thanks to Master who helped him achieve his /her spiritual journey and makes him able so that he recognizes the GOD directly by himself /herself.

The course of the true  disciple is changed by the the grace of an enlightened Master or Siddha Guru. Disciple’s life becomes much normal, simple and blessed and he progresses very quickly in many aspects of life including spiritual journey mainly, which otherwise would have been difficult to achieve by his/her own efforts.

Seekers must know the fact that, if they come across such an enlightened master in their life, they should dedicate their life towards the Master, Master’s teachings and walk on the path and practice that has been suggested by such master without subtlest of the doubt to lead the blessed life in this life and in successive lives as well.

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||