SiddhYog Meditation Vihara

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

Greatest good of greatest all….!

To practice this humanitarian theme ( with noble intention that seekers of the truth should not suffer as much as I have ) and share his own experiences and from Enlightened Masters, Sadguru ( SiddhYogi)  Vibhakar Pandya started organizing various basic, intermediate and advanced workshops to teach practical aspects of Yog and Kundalini Meditation. Initially, this activity was in budding stage during the decades of 60s and 70s, and has been blossomed in the flowers of various regular workshops in India and abroad with equal enthusiasm.  To cater to broader audience, an institution under the name of “SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal” was formed in 1976. For Various activities scheduled or that can be scheduled under the banner of “Shree Siddh Yog Sadhan Mandal” , please refer to this page.

Seekers are also fortunate that during past 8 years they are able to meet in central location of Meditation Vihara or Ashram  at the village  of Deroli, near Bharuch in Gujarat state of India. This ashram is direct conception of SiddhYogi Shree Vibhakar Pandya to guide the humanity in this subtle science of Yog and Kundalini Meditation to the masses.

Presently, Shri Vishal bhai Pandya is handling overall management and various innovative workshops year round at this Meditative Vihara. Under the guidance of Shri Vishal BHai, various spiritual workshops, social welfare and other activities are conducted purely on the humanitarian basis.

Those who want to uplift their consciousness and progress forward in their spiritual journey, are requested to visit the ashram at least once in their lifetime to feel the peace, bliss and happiness first hand.

We invite you heartily to participate in SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal workshops and offering events at Ashram any time as time permits you across the year. For the events happening at Vihara in upcoming 2 months, please visit this page for more updated information.

If you intend to visit the vihara in near future, please send in date and time of arrival, number of days and total number of seekers planning to visit at this email so that we can plan best for your pilgrimage.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||