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||  Hari Om TatSat  ||

Welcome to Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal

Modern world has created many wonders in this world including the technology. The very instrument that you are using to access this website on your Laptop, Desktop or Mobile Devise is indeed a gift to humanity…!

At the same time, modern world has passed knowingly or unknowingly many of the evils in disguise like mental stress, over-zealous competition in business market and many other vices which we do not want to list here. This has caused stress induced mental off-balance for average humanity. In this modern world, the basic human values and emotional empathy has no place. In rat race of materialistic endeavors, humanity is embracing stress and state of unhappiness knowingly or unknowingly.

More and more human beings are feeling restless and stays in this state of unhappiness  without any genuine reason due to overuse of technology, job demands, business demands and fast paced lifestyle

To get relaxed, revived and be ever-fresh like child, modern human beings spends much money, does unnecessary shopping, goes to parties, watch movies or travels far to foreign destinations. Many other modes  of relaxation are also equally stressful in this modern world which is another problem in itself.

Obviously there are different paths to pursue happiness as listed above, but most of them do not promise ever lasting peace, bliss and happiness.  By the time one undertakes such paths to happiness and feels some relaxation, vacation is over and one is back to the stressful lifestyle again in no time … !

How to address this in state of unhappiness in most rational, natural and economic way?

It is here that Meditation comes to our aid. During meditation, whatever relaxation we get stays with us naturally and helps us stay more balanced, relaxed and focused in all aspects of life naturally.

It  should be  noted that Meditation is state of Mind or rather state beyond Mind or Train of thoughts. It is actually a state of pure consciousness. In that sense we may describe vaguely as a “Choice-less Awareness” that is possible to attain by anyone thru systematic and scientific approach of ancient Yogic Sciences.

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||