Siddhhyogi Vibhakarbhai

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

Brahmlin Sri Vibhakar Pandya was a Siddh Yogi (an Enlightend masterd and perfected being ). His contribution to the subject of subtle science of Yoga and Kundalini is beyond imagination.  To do this fundamental research and innovation in this subject, he has worked very hard at all the aspects of the subject, from theory to practical application.

After the death of his younger sister, he had a burning question that “what happens after death”. To find out  the answer to his question, he met so many known-unknown saints in India and Nepal, studied most of the  books on the subject of spirituality and sacred ancient texts, explored all available literature on the world religions. Eventually, his quest for the question about life after death and truth yielded him with the “Self-Realization” and purpose of life. Eventually, enlightened master decided to give back to the society what he gained from his 30 years long spiritual quest.  “SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal” (SiddhYog institute for learning the internal yoga for the yoga aspirants)  is the brain child of Master Sri Vibhakar Pandya in the form of institution to guide the seekers on spiritual path. This institute was originated in 1976.  Under this banner of “SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal”, many seekers who were/are struggling on the path of yoga has been/ are being guided by master. Under unique approach of enlightened master, so many seekers have received a genuine guidance on the path of spiritual science clear their doubts.

His unique approach to achieve the Self-Realization consist of 13 different Yoga workshops from basic to intermediate to advanced level. These course of workshops helps seeker in in leading good life by being in society, achieving “Self-Realization” and also returning back to the society for the spiritual and humanitarian welfare.

When SiddhYogi departs from physical body, his soul exits from the “Brahmarandhra”, an opening in the skull. This types of death is very rare and happens only in the life of Yogi of high caliber who has complete control over the psych and mind. When soul departs body in this manner, gross physical body does no gets deteriorates for long period of time. It stays like healthy leaving body without any medical aid to preserve the body.

On October 16 2006, Enlightened master left this world  by voluntarily entering the Samadhi. There was a fissured on his skull after his exit from the gross body. His dead body was kept without using ice or by injecting any preservatives for nearly 50 hours so that disciples can take final Darshan of beloved Guru. During these 50 hrs. no deteriorating effects were observed.  Even after 50 hours, body was very soft and limp, fingers of hand and legs were very flexible to bend. No stiffness or heaviness was observed on the body during these 50 hrs.

We can say with pride that our beloved master has done spiritual work equivalent of 500 years in just 65 years of his life.  He also set an example that sadhana or spiritual seeking can be done while performing worldly duties, social activities and managing family affairs. His physical existence is no more, but his consciousness is working thru all his seekers in much more vibrant spirit and the activities that he has started are growing at very accelerated pace in India and abroad equally well.

Presently, SiddhYog tradition is progressing under the guidance of Siddhyogi, an Enlightened master of Kundalini Yoga, Sri Vishal Pandya.

Sri Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||