What Is Siddhyoga Path

Param Pujy Siddhyogi Guruji Shree Vishalbhai Pandya : Spiritual Master Giving Initiation Blessings, taking various shibirs and directing sadhaks towards attaining Final Goal of Human Life.

Siddhyog works on spiritual development of mankind. The base is Mindfulness Meditation . In all living beings there is a power /shakti/Pran Energy due to which it is active/Alive. If this power is less there are physical and mental problems. If it is Zero, there is no life. If the Power / Prana energy is enhanced it leads to physical, Mental, Emotional and spiritual development.

Siddhyog works on enhancement of Prana Energy through Initiation first and there after practice of regular Meditation which help in cleansing nadi sodhan. It will make the sadhak phishycally Fit, Mentally Fit, Emotionally Balanced . Regular Meditation will help in healing subtle Karmic imprints lying in subconscious mind since several past births.

Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal

At this institute , the practical guidance is provided by Guruji – Shri Vibhakar Pandya who is the founder of this institute. Since 1971 his teachings have been strengthening followers for spiritual growth. He trained millions of sadhakas. Guruji’s son Balyogi – Shri Vishal Pandya is also the master of spiritual techniques of Siddhyog tradition. Guruji and Vishalbhai awaken kundalini by shaktipat – diksha during monthly programme. Other several trained teachers also arrange several meditation programmes at Siddhyog Centers.

Guruji gives more importance on practical experiences of spirituality. He tells that by reading of books, scriptures, these knowledges is not achieved. But by purifying sadhana and with the guru’s help shaktipat, a sadhaka can progress at safe and desired speed. Sadhaka has to live in society with family. So such spiritually enriched sadhakas succeed in self-welfare as well as the welfare of society.

Guruji invented new healing system called “Prana Chikitsa” (prana healing) in which he trains healers for using prana- bio energy for infusing positive current in the patients and taking negative current out of patients’ body.

Guruji prepared a roadmap- a highway for interested sadhakas. So a sadhaka can achieve “samadhi” within few years. For this he prepared 15 programmes, by using several successful techniques used by other masters.

He is one of rare gurus who does not have any barriers of personal contact. Any new sadhaka can also meet him for any kind of guidance. He always dedicate his precious time for development of sadhakas. He tries his best to provide solutions to spiritual problems who ever may have.

The sadhakas practically learn meditation from first day, have quantum jump in meditation with shaktipat from guruji, lead happy life using spiritual powers, get guidance of guruji on all aspects of life and there by pave their way to ultimate experience of self-realization.