Basically, this section is kept purely to create inquisitiveness of the new seekers…!

If someone asks us why breathing? Does that makes sense? Not at all.

Similarly in terms of Yogic way of life, is we ask the question “Why meditation?”, it looks absurd.

Same way as breath is food for body, meditation is food for Soul and Mind. It nourishes the subtle and critical needs of human mind, soul and body in connected sense.

To stay in healthy state of mind and should, meditation is pre-requisite.  Scriptures also say that you are nothing but your thoughts. So to have healthy set of thoughts in a mind, we must watch, guard and keep the few of the limited thoughts that are beneficial for or Social, Mental, Spiritual and Individual welfare.  Seeker’s practicing meditative life style are not observed to be  of any harm to society and their immediate family as well.

Now, we mentioned the critically important phenomena in few sentences, but to live consciously in  this healthy state of mind is very difficult for an average human being. Why is that? Because, we come across so many thoughts in a single day. It is really challenging to keep watch over each and every thought that goes in mind, monitor inventory and keep few necessary thoughts for meditative life and filter out the unnecessary thoughts that are entering the mind thru various senses.

It is here that we need some form scientific way to address attain and sustain the healthy state of  active and conscious mind. Further as a spiritual seeker,  watch over sub conscious and unconscious mind and associated purification as well is needed to advance spiritually as we go deeper at mental level.

To answer many critical questions we posed above for the mental happiness, Meditation is one of  most basic answer. Meditations helps to gain healthy mind, healthy body and live happy life. It helps us at peak and optimized empathetic operating intelligence that is needed to lead good meditative and social life. It has been proven that regular meditation can help seekers to gain inner peace, love and appreciation for everyone, self-awareness, positive thoughts and confidence. The daily practice will help seekers to be in presence and increase consciousness and spiritual connection with the divine.

In a nutshell, we can say that there are no negative side effects to the meditative life style.