Our Tradition

At our institute , we got practical guidance from Guruji – Shri Vibhakar Pandya who is founder-head of our institute “Siddhyog Sadhan mandal”. Since 1971 his blessings had been strengthening us for our spiritual growth. He trained several sadhakas. Guruji’s son Siddhyogi Shri Vishal Pandya is also master of spiritual system of Siddhyog tradition. Guruji Vishalbhai blesses us by shaktipat – diksha during preliminary programme. Other several trained teachers also arrange several meditation programmes at Siddhyog Centers.

Guruji puts more stress on practical experiences of spirituality. He tells that by reading of books, scriptures, these knowledge is not achieved. But by purifying sadhana and with the guru’s grace -shaktipat, a sadhaka can progress at safe and desired speed. Sadhaka has to live in society with family. So such spiritually enriched sadhakas succeed in self-welfare as well as the welfare of society.

Guruji Vibhakar dada invented new healing system called “Prana Chikitsa” in which he trained many healers for using prana- bio energy for flowing positive current to the patients to heal them.

Guruji prepared a roadmap- a highway for interested sadhakas. So a sadhaka can achieve “samadhi” within 4-5 years. For this he prepared 15 programmes, by using several successful techniques used by other masters.

He is one of rare gurus who does not have any barriers of other sadhakas. Any new sadhaka can also meet him for any kind of guidance. He always dedicate his precious time due to love for sadhakas. He tries his best to provide solutions to spiritual problems of our sadhakas as well as the sadhakas from other institutes.