Why is Kundalini connected with meditation?

As they say in the study of human anatomy that anatomy and physiology goes together for the structure and associated functionality of the organs of the body, same way Kundalini and Meditation goes together in the Yogic life sciences subjects.

In order to live fully functional meditative life, your Kundalini must be triggered, activated and tuned to the rhythm of the cosmic consciousness so as to attain the “Self-Realization” and lead active spiritual life.

In terms  of seeker’s spiritual journey, this triggering of kundalini can happen via 3 ways as follows…

First, it may happen by seekers own “spiritual seeking”  or sadhana

Second by sudden mental shock or dramatic  change in life situations and circumstances

Third is by blessings of  Enlightened Master(  Siddhyogi or Sadguru )  who is expert in Kundalini Meditation methodology – also known as “Shaktipat”

As long as the Kundalini is operating in sub-optimized state, seeker cannot complete the spiritual journey to reach the state of  “Self-Realization”

Although the various yogic traditions have been the main source of our detailed knowledge of Kundalini in the West, a spiritualizing energy that seems to be the same as Kundalini is acknowledged in many cultures.

Katz, in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, describes how the Kung people of the Kalahari Desert in northwest Botswana, Africa, danced for hours to awaken the n/um (Kundalini) to attain the !kia state. He feels that the n/um is analogous to the Kundalini and the !kia is a state of transcendence. He describes how about half of the Kung people were able to heat up the n/um.

In the Chinese Taoist tradition, Luk, in his book The Secrets of Chinese Meditation, describes an awakening process that is directly parallel to Kundalini awakening.

In the Christian tradition, Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, when she enrolled in a Carmelite convent at the age of ten, was reported to have had several months of spontaneous spells with a “strange mélange of hallucination, comas, and convulsions.” Sometimes she had spontaneous movements like springing from her knees and standing on her head without using her hands. Her history is compatible with descriptions of classical Kundalini awakenings and with those reported by Lee Sannella, M.D., in Kundalini: Psychosis or Transcendence?

The ecstatic visions of the prophet Ezekiel and the psycho-physical states he describes are obvious Kundalini kriyas. In the Jewish-Kabbalistic system the analogous description of the Shekhinah in the form of Nukba is comparable to the Kundalini stored at the base chakra and emanates from the grandmother Atik Yomin. She is the crown of glory that channels the Eternal Light on all creation.

In Kabbalah it is the feminine principle of the Shekhinah that descends to do the work of repairing the world. The Shekhinah descends into the realms of time, space, and Being to be the Presence in all Beings. This is an accurate description of the spiritual (cosmic) and Shakti Kundalini.