|| Hari Om TatSat ||

On the path to enlightenment ... !

While we have seen the various benefits of the meditation at the page about meditation, it is equally important that one must practice regular meditation after being initiated in SiddhYog method of meditation.

It may be challenging to do the daily meditation from a stressful work day or one might be feeling sick some days. However, it is important that seeker keep the daily routine of meditation practices alive as mush as possible despite routine challenges of family, work and sicknesses so that physical and mental purification process stays alive and meditator get the maximum benefit of the meditative life and able to lead a peaceful, blissful and healthy life.

As one becomes more regular in SiddhYog method of meditative practice meditator will be able to recognize various subtle vibrations of chakras and understands the inner working on gross and subtle bodies more easily and eventually marches forward on the path to  “Self-Realization” and who also will be able to do the pranic healing.

However, to be a an active pranic healer on regular basis, to do the “Pran Chikitsa camps” meditator must do the regular meditation at home and after that must attend the advanced workshop for the Pranic healing that is organized regularly by SiddhYog Sadhan Mandal during once or twice in a year.

|| Hari Om TatSat ||