What is Meditation?

Meditation is to do nothing by any means i.e. by mind and body. To do nothing means relaxing your mind and body consciously. We mainly think that meditation is concentration. In Concentration, you have to do some activity. While in meditation, we have to be inactive. When we concentrate then 90 {d60eb59447ff0d1d17c0c9eb5bef8dce6687d9bea0e30a6bda7710a63fe00572} of world disappears. Meditation means total consciousness, in meditation thoughtless stage is achieved by witnessing (Do not react i.e. do not involve) thoughts, body and respiration.

What are the benefits?

By daily meditation, one can overcome depression and many psychosomatic diseases. Meditation brings happiness and happy mind brings good health. In thoughtless awareness he gets direct guidance to his or others problems. By meditation anger depression and negative thoughts disappears gradually. He accepts any condition he become psychiatrist he has wider perspective. This meditation also increases vital Prana energy of the person and clears blockages in all chakras.

What is Siddhyog?

Sidhhyog is the unique method in which a Siddhyogi(Enlightened Guru) arises kundlini of his sadhak by mystique process so that sadhak experiences different divine yogik-kriyas, asan which are automatically performed during sadhana and sadhak progresses in his sadhana. After Kundalini awakening, the sadhak’s sadhana is progressed automatically, because of purification of chakras during programs.

What is the Diksha (Shaktipat – Awakening the Kundalini ) ?

Diksha is the divine grace of a SiddhGuru,its like a fuse between God and sadhak so that he can progress in his sadhna without any difficulty.
In Diksha SiddhGuru showers Causal body pranic current to sadhak so that his gap at Manipur chakra & Agna chakra gets filled with pran and kundalini arises.

What are the kundalini awakening symptoms ?

A variety of experiences result on awakening of Kundalini.

These experiences depend upon a multitude of factors, of which the principal contributors are the nature and character of Sadhak, the strength of Kundalini power and the physical attributes of Sadhak.

The indications are so numerous and yet newer experiences are being reported. As no attempt was made earlier to put all such experiences in one place, additions to this list of indications is inevitable. Some of the indications of awakening of Kundalini are listed below.

1. The limbs, hand and feet become numb, as if they go to sleep. On moving them
a tingling sensation occurs.
2. Entire body gets warm.
3. During meditation the mouth gets filled with water.
4. A feeling of body growing big and bigger or the feeling as if the body is
shrinking from small to smaller size.
5. A feeling of astral body coming out of the physical body and moving in astral
6. The feeling of heaviness of eyes or of eye lids becoming heavy.
7. Heaviness of head.
8. Anger rising during meditation or meditator suddenly becoming angry.
9. Body of Sadhak starts trembling or moves uncontrollably in oscillating
10. During meditation the Sadhak starts singing, dancing, shouting, shrieking and prancing uncontrollably.
11. Certain yogic practices such as Aasana, Bhastrika and Pranayama happen to Sadhak involuntarily.
12. Feeling, as if of electric shocks in the body.
13. Feeling as if the body is rotating or going round and round in circles or as if te
world around is also spinning.
14. Uncontrolled laughter or crying during meditation.
15. Hearing of strange sounds during meditation.
16. Despite being deep in meditation, jumping on haunches like a frog.
17. Going round and round in circles or to start crawling during meditation.
18. Roaring like a lion or making sounds of other beasts or animals during
19. Rotating the neck in full circles.
20. The eyes turn automatically towards Ajna Chakra and the white portion of eyeball alone being seen outside.
21. Chanting or invocation of mantras, hymns during meditation.
22. Experiencing drowsiness or feeling of intoxication.
23. Having visions relating to own suppressed desires, wishes etc.
24. Having visions of Red, Yellow, Blue or White coloured clouds.
These colours relate to colours of various Chakras (wheels)and get reflected or are seen at the Ajna Chakra. However, if the etheric body of the seeker is cleansed, he will have visions of clear light (colourless) only. This signifies purity of etheric having been achieved.
25. A feeling of peace and calm prevails. Seeker experiences bliss, a state difficult
to describe in words.
26. Arising of certain complex unresolved problems during meditation and getting
their solutions too during meditation itself. (Problem & Solution)
27. A desire to visit places of sacred religious importance, arising during meditation and visiting those places in astral body during meditation itself. (Desire & Fulfilment)
28. Going into trance with open eyes, getting deep into meditation with eyes remaining wide open for 15 to 20 minutes.
29. An experience of walking through the skies and visiting different parts of universe during meditation.
30. Feeling of giddiness during meditation and experiencing falls while walking, also during meditation.
31. During meditation the feet of the seeker turn skywards. This position lasts for
a short while only and returns to normal position soon.
32. A feeling of severe headache during meditation. It is advised NOT to take medications for such a headache. It will go away by itself.
33. The meditator sees dreadful scenes during meditation. He should not get scared, if it so happens.
34. Some meditators see their own forms during meditation. This is called
“PRTIKA DARSHAN” in some of the scriptures. It is a good omen.
35. Sadhak has visions of Lord Shiva wearing a garland of human skulls, of Mahakali similarly or Mother Shakti – Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.
36. Sadhak sees skeletons during meditation.
37. A scene of death of a near and dear one during meditation. (some feel that this may ward-off the imminent danger to them.)
38. Some seekers have visions of the dead being cremated. These seekers become
instruments for the salvation of souls of such of the dead.
39. Sadhak sees Lord Vishnu, the Preserver, Lying on the Sesh – Shaiyya (the Seven hooded serpent god, who forms the base of the Universe) or Shiva and Parvati; or vision of Lord Rama; or Lord Krishna engaged in RaasLeela, a dance sequence with gopis; or dreadful ascetic form of Lord Shiva. The Sadhak should not get frightened by such visions. On the other hand these visions ennoble the Sadhak by increasing his inner strengths.
40. Some Sadhaks experience movement of gas in their intestines, the sound of which they can clearly hear. In such cases, the Sadhak should lie flat on back and the wind movement will go away.
41. Some seekers experience fluttering sensation on the Brow Chakra (Ajna
Chakra) or sensation of breeze on the point. In such cases it is advised to
rub ghee (clarified butter) or Sandal wood paste on the forehead.
42. Fluttering sensation in eyes, ears, nose and cheeks occurs. This occurs when
the twin petals (Ham & Ksham) of Ajna Chakra rotate.
43. Visions of past events come before the eyes and sometimes the events of future cast their images.
44. Guru appears in front of the Sadhak in meditation and untangles various problems and answers the questions.
45. Sometimes Divine sound or voice is heard during meditation.
46. An experience of total bliss occurs, thus taking the Sadhak to his goal. The mind is restless and is disturbed by lust and other desires. The desires in
subconscious erupt and get destroyed; a burning sensation occurs at the
Solar plexus. This burning sensation can be soothed by praying to Divine
Mother, or chanting Hanuman Chalisa or other hymns. The physical heat
should be countered by taking milk with two to three spoons of clarified
butter (ghee) immediately after the meditation is over. The Guru comes in his
astral form and takes care of the Sadhak and his fears without his
47. Divine chants and messages descend from the Heavens.
48. Sound of Nupur (bells worn on anklets), tabor, twin drum (Damaru), flute, conch shell, thunder of clouds and temple bells is heard by Sadhaks.

49. On awakening of Kundalini the Sadhak experiences distinct fragrances of variety of flowers.
50. Sadhak experiences cold breeze blowing through. He also experiences discomfort as if all the joints of waist and below are paining.

51. A feeling as if one has been tied by a rope, alround.
52. In case of some Sadhaks a feeling of intense heat and burning sensation in the stomach occurs when the Kundalini rises upto the Manipur Chakra (the Navel Wheel or Solar plexus).
53. The Sadhak feels cheerful and disease free; an unprecedented feeling of relief
comes over. This is possible with SHAKTIPAT. Shaktipat removes diseases and ailments.
54. Body is filled with purity, serenity and divinity. A feeling of seeing the self
from outside by own twin – SAKSHIBHAV.
55. The Sadhak becomes fully aware of his previous incarnation. He becomes aware of his present circumstances, problems and reasons thereof. He succeeds in analysing his previous deeds and the fruits of such actions.
56. After Shaktipat, rapid progress is experienced by the Sadhak. He leads a life
of bliss and ecstacy, totally free of tensions. He is joyous and relaxed in life.
57. When he sees a person, he tries to relate to himself and that persons previous
birth (s); who was he?, etc. He in stinctively goes into the past lives and establish mutual identities and relationships.
58. Whatever he wishes, fructifies. There is a magic in his speech which attracts
the listeners. People are easily impressed by his logic and gravity of speech.
59. Whosoever, a man or a woman comes in front of him, his present, past and future are all depicted before him like a cinema reel. He is able to foretell and anticipate their future.
60. He develops a magnetic personality. People are naturally charmed by the radiance that flows from his face and body. He charms and attracts their gaze. 61. Shaktipat protects a man like an armour shield. In whatever direction he marches, success greets him with extended arms. He becomes a special person.
62. He goes into meditation, involuntarily, all of a sudden. He then goes into deep
bliss. He has to perforce make a deter mined effort,a SANKALPA, not to get into meditation unknowingly.
63. On closing his eyes, he sees circles of light in front of the eyes.
64. He sees groups of clouds moving hither and thither before his eyes.
65. Some part of the body becomes hard & stiff.
66. The diseased part of the body starts paining.
67. The diseased part of the body gets warm.
68. The diseased part becomes heavy.
69. The part of the body that is diseased, starts fluttering and vibrating.
70. A blinding light, the brilliance of thousands of Suns is seen in front of the eyes.
71. Sometimes the bright white light vision is followed by pitch darkness.
72. The eye-lids start fluttering by themselves. The individual loses control over
this function.
73. Sometimes the eyes start pulling inside. This may lead to automatic occurance of SHAMBHAVI and KHECHARI MUDRAS.
74. In a manner similar to that occurs in cattle, the whole body starts flapping and fluttering. The cheeks, back, chest, stomach, thighs and calves vibrate or tremble.
75. The Sadhak in his meditation feels as if he has put a cap over his head.
76. A feeling of something creeping or climbing, up or down, left or right, to the
front or to the rear. As the SHAKTI rises upwards that part of the body
becomes warm or cold.
77. There occurs excessive tension at the AJNA CHAKRA (The Brow Chakra) and
the body feels painful and listless.

78. Despite the eyelids being closed, the pupils move in a circular motion.
79. Intense heat is experienced in point between the eye brows, the AJNA
CHAKRA. Many a times the portion becomes black as if it has been adorned
with a black BINDI (a circle, round in shape). The skin may even burn and
peel off.
80. A feeling as if someone is cutting or digging at the AJNA CHAKRA with sharp
81. At times if feels as if some insect has entered at the AJNA CHAKRA or in the
head and is moving all over the head.
82. A circle of light approaches the AJNA CHAKRA either from the left or the
right. However, it doesnot advance beyond the mid point between the brows and retracts thereafter.
83. During meditation the head moves left to right, right to left and up and down.
84. It feels that the entire head is covered with nets.
85. During meditation tears flow from the eyes.
86. One yawns while meditating.
87. If one goes to sleep concentrating on the Brow Chakra then he dreams that he
is dreaming. He knows that he is dreaming and remembers his dreams. Sometimes the dreams are colourful and sometimes the dreams forecast the events of the future.
88. A solution to any complex unresolved problem or a mental tension appears during the dreams.
89. Inspiration to write poems and stories comes during meditation.
90. Focussed on Ajna Chakra, the future events reveal themselves on it.