Many people have contributed in spiritual work and have experienced divine bless in their life. This is an opportunity to take part in spiritual work.
‘Shrisidhhyogashram’ will be a place for meditation  and spiritual advance shibirs for spiritual development of sadhaks. Pranchikitsha is a healing process. Sadhaks are trained for pranchikitsha, so as to help the society at large.
Donation given to Ashram in the name of “Shri Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal, Gandhinagar” is liable for tax benefits under section 80G of Income Tax Act.
Ashram has many options and plans for receiving donation. You can donate in the name of your loved once or in the name of your elders.  Your donation will be of great help in spritual work.
Kindly send your D.D. or cheque in favour of “Shri Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal, Gandhinagar” to
Shri Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal
551-1, Naman Society,
Sector – 6B,
Gandhinagar – Gujarat – India – 382006

Phone: 91-079-23232864
Email id:

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