Subconscious Mind

Subconscious Mind

Power of subconscious mind

Guruji gives an example. Our subconscious mind is repository of all our knowledge. If you travel from Gwalior to Delhi by some vehicle, you pass by road, trees, and scenes. You do not remember it consciously nor you try it. But if my guru brings you to meditation and ask you how much tree you passed by. You can promptly answer it. Several hypnotists have even asked about the number-plate of murderer’s car to eyes-witness during trance state of mind. And they found out true answers. Only thing is we do not know how to use our subconscious mind. All achievements of yoga also come from subconscious mind. If you know how to use it, your life starts improving miraculously.

How subconscious mind and conscious mind work

The conscious mind is dynamic. It is very much vibrant. It is like sea-waves. Sea-waves never become standstill. You can swim on it. You can float boats, ships on them. The nature gave us sensitive mind. Dinosaurs have very weak nervous system. If you hurt its tail, it would come to know after 12 hours. If we also would have such nervous system, then if we touch any hot thing, then we will know after complete burning of our hand. Such nervous system we do not want. The mind is dynamic. It cannot be made standstill. Several books on yoga, meditation, mind management tells about making mind standstill. They either tells wrong thing or if at some moment they are right but you understand it wrongly. The purpose is how to use mind for good motives. The mind does thoughts for 24 hours a day. Its job is to create thoughts for us. When ever we want to do some work we have to use our mind. So yoga tells it as internal sense (mana – mind, budhi -intelligence, chit, ahankara – ego). But we should have control over our mind. Suppose you drive a car. You want to take left turn. But car turns right. Then you will meet to accident. Similar thing happens with mind. What ever you think, you are not able to do. What ever you do not wish, that starts happening to your life. The basic aim is to know how mind work. If you know how mind work, then you can find out the trick how to manage it. Then what is mind? It is simple. Where there is a thought, there is mind. Where there is no thought, there is no mind. That is beyond mind state. If you practice meditation, you will observe thoughts in mind. Then how to get beyond mind state? It is actually natural process. If you do not do anything knowingly, you can catch that state. I will simplify it for you. The mind has only two types of thoughts or activity. Either the mind “likes” or mind “dislike”. If you observe neutrally, you will find that the mind either “likes” or “dislikes”. In scriptural language “like” is called “raaga” and “dislike” is called “dvesha”. Then how to control mind? Do not do “raga-dvesha”. All scripture tells this. If you become neutral to “likes” and “dislikes”, such thought goes to infinite space. If you are attached to any thought with “like” or “dislike”, it enters subconscious mind. And at specific time and circumstances this thought will be fructified. So you must control the entry of thoughts to subconscious mind. So if you are attached to positive thoughts, positive thoughts will enter the subconscious mind, and your life will become heaven. If you think negatively your life will become hell. But our objective is to purify our subconscious mind. It should store what ever we need for better life. So how to delete unwanted thoughts from subconscious mind? Know the processes of mind and manage the process. I told that if you are attached to a thought, if you commit “likes-dislike” to thought, those thought will enter subconscious mind. So if you become neutral to a thought, if you do not commit “like” nor you commit “dislike”, you can be detached from a thought. That thought will go to infinite space. This thought will be deleted from your subconscious mind. A space used by that thought will be free. When more and more useless thoughts will be deleted, your cache and RAM will be more and more empty. This is a matter of experience! You cannot appreciate this without experience. This is the mystery of will power. If your sub-conscious mind has more useful thoughts, it will give you excellent results. Because it works for you 24 hours. It can have miraculous effect on your body, your mind, and your psychology. So I repeat whole process again. When you observe you will find that the thoughts come sequentially to your mind. Lots of thoughts do not come together. By practice of few days, you will find out that, one thought comes… there is a little thoughtless gap, second thought comes… there is little thoughtless gap again and so on. So if you practice regularly, number of thoughts will decrease, and thoughtless gap will increase naturally. This thoughtless gap is beyond mind state. There is possibility of meditation, possibility of samadhi, possibility of self-realization during this thoughtless gap. To find out this thoughtless gap is very easy. But you need to practice for it. Nirvichar – thoughtless state is the first step of yoga. Scriptures use sakshibhava –witnessing word for neutral “watching”. Even witnessing-witnessing is the central message provided by Gita. If you cultivate witnessing, you will quickly find out that gap. This thoughtless gap will go on increasing. You will observe the thought, which is coming. Observe the thought that is going. Observe what ever happens, by becoming totally inactive. Do not increase the thoughts. Do not decrease the thoughts. Only observe them with witnessing. This witnessing will delete hundreds of useless thoughts in you mind. The idea is “do nothing at all is meditation”. If you become totally inactive, the natural processes will do their work and will heal your body, mind by adjusting every thing in equilibrium. Even science does not know how sleep works. It is medically proven fact that during sleep several physical and mental diseases are healed. The meditation is same state of body-mind as they are during sleep. But we watch during meditation what happens. So that strengthens our knowledge. In sleep, during dream also our mind commits “like-dislikes”. So emptying of subconscious mind is not done during sleep. But during meditation you can delete useless thoughts. These stored thoughts in subconscious mind are called karma in Gita by Krishna. If you become witness of your thought, you become non-attached (nishkam-karma). So if you commit “raga”, karma is created. If you commit “dvesha”, the bond of karma is created. So you have to suffer from these bonds of karma.

Once you know practically how conscious mind and subconscious mind work. You know what is nirvichar- thoughtless gap. You can become nirvichar- thoughtless at any time, at any place. There is no need to follow any rigid rules-regulation, rituals, etc. This is beyond mind state. During these moments you are owner-swami of your mind. If you go to this thoughtless gap with particular thought, this thought becomes “sankalpa”, a will. This is practical thing. If you have a sankalpa- power, you will be able to do the things beyond your imagination. Such person should meet me personally. Because such persons can use their subconscious mind very miraculously. For example I doubled my reading hours by learning self-hypnosis during my BE days. Meditation is much more powerful. I met some friends whose subconscious mind started working without their knowledge. They told me that what ever they think, that start happening. For example, you need something, you get it promptly. If you think of some friend, he promptly comes to meet you. The subconscious mind is like divine kalpa-vriksha. What ever you think, it promptly is fructified. So such person has to develop positive thinking. If he is little bit negative, he brings sorrows of hell to him. So such person should be cautious and should promptly meet me for further guidance.

We-sadhakas practically learn meditation from first day, have quantum jump in meditation with shaktipat from guruji, lead happy life using spiritual powers, get guidance of guruji on all aspects of life and there by pave our way to ultimate experience of self-realization.

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