When we are with siddhguru, the definite resources are spiritual experiences. Guruji trains us for “practicals of vibrations”. So we can become resource to ourselves. Guruji gifted every sadhaka with healing power. Every sadhaka having thoughtless state.
We-sadhakas practically learn meditation from first day, have quantum jump in meditation with shaktipat from guruji, lead happy life using spiritual powers, get guidance of guruji on all aspects of life and there by pave our way to ultimate experience of self-realization.
Our institute also publish a monthly magazine “Shri Samadhi Sandesh”. You can subscribe it to be in regular contact with guruji. Guruji has authored several books for guiding sadhakas. These books are based on practical experience of guruji. All books should be treated as text books. All sadhakas have to read these books at least ten times to develop enough understanding. Among them “Sakshibhav” and “Kundalini” must be read thoroughly by every sadhaka. Other resources are list of the reference books suggested by guruji. Guruji has also prepared several cassettes for experiments of meditations.
Roadmap to Spirituality

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