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Monthly magazine of ‘Shri Siddhyog Sadhan Mandal (Trust), Gandhinagar
Balyogiji Shri Vishalbhai Pandya organizes many seminars on meditation i.e. “DHYAN YOGA’
Till date over 1 lakh disciples have learnt about practice of meditation during the study of ‘DHYAN YOGA’ i.e. Meditation course. This magazine provides guidance to practice yoga, latest news about Guruji’s activities, also includes the continues topics related to meditation, prana-chikitsa (healing through bio-energy) and also gives answer to problem faced by many disciples during sadhana. Apart from that it gives detail time table of all “DHYAN YOGA”(MEDITATION AND YOGA CAMPS ) seminars and information for advance seminars for those who have taken KUNDALINI SHAKTIPAT DIKSHA from Guruji.

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