If we start our God’s connection, our Prana-bioenergy is charged

If we start the internet connection, the mobile’s battery discharges.


But, if we start our God’s connection, our Prana-bioenergy is charged.


To connect with the God, khechari mudra is done. Khechari is rolling tongue back towards palate.


By khechari , the nervous center, medulla oblongata-bhanvar gufa is activated. This nervous center regulates all nine systems of the body, such as respiratory, etc. Similarly, this center also communicates with the whole universe.


If the mouth is watering, this water is nectar and should be swallowed down.


The Khechari mudra is useful when you don’t have water or food. In summer, you can survive with less water. Because Prana bioenergy incoming from sahastradhar chakra makes water in mouth.


The Khechari mudra can heal most of diseases, by swallowing water.



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