Experience of Prana Healing

Experience of Prana Healing:


About in 1986 Pu Guruji sent me to see one Jain young sadhu at Junagadh. I stayed in one advocates house who was also trustee of that upashray.


That sadhu had no sickness only thing some body has used black art – Meli Vidya on him. He seems very normal but his right leg was very heavy,even 4 to 5 persons could not move his foot one cm.


I was confused because I have not seen such things before.


But I found that his Vishudh was was not working and very heavyness in Anahat.


When I started giving sitting literally that sadhu has thrown me from that place. I became Scarry but living every thing on Pu Guruji once again started vibrations. This time he remains calm. I gave sitting two times a day for three days. Than that sadhu became normal. After talking to Guruji I wrote letter to that sadhu advising him as per Gurujis direction. We do not know whether that sadhu has followed Guruji’s advice or not.


But when you do Pranchikitsa you will get such a fantastic experience.

Hari Om Tatsat.

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Shri Sudhir Dave

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