Erasing Subconscious Programs

Erasing Subconscious Programs:


When a thought comes to mind,
If you like or dislike, you have given importance to it. So such thought will be stored to the subconscious mind as a like or a dislike.


That thought of like or of dislike will come out from subconscious as and when the similar situation occurs. So you will like or dislike the situation as per your own weightage.


If you have liked/desired money or something very much, you will not have satisfaction until your desire is fulfilled.


The subconscious is very powerful like a computer. If you imagine of getting big house, it will give you an opportunity for big house.


So we should always give positive imagination to the subconscious.


But, best way is to erase the programs of subconscious mind.


So we have to practice the sakshibhav, no-like and no-dislike. So no thought will be stored to subconscious. And old storage of subconscious will be erased with this detached attitude to thoughts. And gradually the subconscious will be empty, clear and pure.


The Kundalini awakening guru removes blockages in chakras and erases thoughts very fast from subconscious.

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