Why are we confused in life?


Whenever we have less energy or poor perception, we are confused.


When the perception is wrong, the opportunity seems to be a problem, or the problem seems to be an opportunity.

All the confusion is due to the wrong perception of the situation. The wrong perception is the kind of blindness or illusion.


The situation about which we are having good opinion, if it occurs something wrong, then the faith on goodness is very difficult to keep.


So we should not have any good or bad perception about any situation. The good perception of a bad situation is reason for our over-optimism to the situation. So we may not be well-prepared to face the situation.


And bad perception for a good situation is not a really good idea. It is actually a fobia.


When the perception is true,
the every situation becomes the opportunity.


It is all about, our attitude towards, the situation.


The True Perception means “understanding the true reality”
every moment, every day.

This is sakshibhav – “truth discovering attitude”. This is meditation.


True perception comes when we have good Prana energy and relaxed mind and alertness.


The Perception is your inner and outer alertness that shapes your life.


So, we should try to become free from perception of good or bad. We have to see the situation as it is however may be. We should see the good situation as good and the bad situation as bad.


The Kundalini Awakening Guru removes mental complexes by Prana Energy and makes us Perception-free.


Let us understand with the bhajan of Saint Raidash.


O God, You are the situation, we are the your performers, performing for you.


प्रभु जी तुम चंदन हम पानी। जाकी अंग-अंग बास समानी॥
O God, You are the Sandalwood, We are water. So your fragrance will be within us.


प्रभु जी तुम घन बन हम मोरा। जैसे चितवत चंद चकोरा॥
O God, You are the Rainy Cloud, We are peacocks. As the chakor birds for the moon.


प्रभु जी तुम दीपक हम बाती। जाकी जोति बरै दिन राती॥
O God, You are the lamp, we are the cotton. As your light will shine whole day and night.


प्रभु जी तुम मोती हम धागा। जैसे सोनहिं मिलत सोहागा।
O God, You are the pearl, we are the thread.


प्रभु जी तुम स्वामी हम दासा। ऐसी भक्ति करै ‘रैदासा॥
O God, You are the boss, we are the servants. Such devotion is being done by the Raidasa.

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