Why Religions were founded?

There are 300 religions, 3000 sects. The founder heads dived into depth of inner space. And found a wonderful pearl! An extreme experience! They were in such an extreme pleasure, that they could not remain silent and start speaking about their experiences like a singing bird! They used different terminology. Otherwise experience is same. They called it samadhi, kingdom of god, experience of Khuda, Vaikuntha, Go loka, etc. The founder heads tried to share their experience for betterment of mankind. They had to give some methods, concepts, rituals, acts, scriptures, etc. But this experience is beyond mind! So guru cannot explain it in language understood by layman who has less-developed consciousness level. Even though they tried their best to tell the things which were not possible to be told. Some ESP power like sixth sense is needed to understand this.


Then after came sects-leaders. They did not have practical experience. They started glorifying the things. Their original guru tried to simplify the things. But sect-heads tried to glorify the things and made these things more difficult for people.


Actually, every one has a possibility to have this ultimate experience. But most of people have already been misguided by these ignorant sect-heads. So if someone , some new self-realized master tries to tell them they are not able to accept that these things are easy and really achievable.


We-sadhakas practically learn meditation from first day, have quantum jump in meditation with shaktipat from guruji, lead happy life using spiritual powers, get guidance of guruji on all aspects of life and there by pave our way to ultimate experience of self-realization.


So please remove all confusion by meeting our Guruji. Listen to him and practice what ever he tells. True understanding and efforts in right directions both by you and guruji will lead you to self-realization easily.


Roadmap to Spirituality


Religious acts are not useful to meet God

The founder heads of all religions gave some vidhi-acts. Ignorant followers also imitated some of the acts of their original guru. But if religious acts are done without any understanding, cannot make you reach the God. Such religious acts are as follows. All religious acts have some benefits. But here the point is to stress is they cannot make you reach the God. To experience supreme conscious, you need to go beyond mind. If you do something using your mind, such vidhi (acts) becomes avidhi (non-act).


  1. Fasting cannot progress you to God. Lord Buddha fasted for three months and found that “God is not met by fasting”. Krishna told about “Samyak ahara”… – right food; right sleep, right waking, …
  2. Brahmacharya – Celibacy cannot lead you to God.
  3. Baldheadedness does not make you reach the god. Similarly if one increases long hairs (“Jata”) cannot achieve God.
  4. God is not obtained by observing Bare-footedness; Similarly wearing special footwear – paduka cannot progress you to God.
  5. God is not experienced by doing bhajans – devotional songs for whole night.
  6. God is not reached by doing “padayatra” – devotional visits to religious places.
  7. God is not pleased by applying religious materials (ashes-bhabhuti, sandalwood powder-chandan) on any part of body.
  8. God is not achieved by nakedness; Similarly, God is also not achievable by wearing religious dresses (saffron color, white color, etc).
  9. God is not achieved by begging; Similarly God is not reachable by donating.


The point here to stress is the guru tried to explain something and followers catch some different thing.


Gujarati poet Akho told, “Andhalo Sasaro..”

— meaning —

“Blind father-in-law and veiled daughter-in-law;

went all to hear discourse;

told something and mean something

Eye-kajal rubbed on cheeks.”

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