Chakra Tuning at Samadhi Mandir,

Chakra Tuning at Samadhi Mandir,
Siddhyog Ashram, Deroli,
Nareshvar Karjan Road, Karjan, Gujarat

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First of all whatever we want to explain, let us understand the basics of it. We are watching this physical world. There exists similar Astral world. The astral world also runs by some rules. The physical world has effect on Astral world. And the astral world has effect on physical world. Let us take one example to understand. For example, if you chant the Mantra of Hanuman Dada it has some words. You chant the words frequently. Use the mantra word repeatedly. As you keep on repeating this words. Then in Astral World, the Idol of Hanuman Dada is prepared and after the preparation of this idol, the life in this idol starts entering. After many years of Sadhana this work is done. The main point is that, if you make an idol, you are visualising idol and you are filling Prana energy in the idol. It is told in the scriptures, that you have to go to Guru and then you have to sit in front of him and then you have to do Sadhna. Even you don’t have to talk to him. If you sit near the Guru the body of the Guru, the body of an idol, that is prepared by the nature. It is the science of Prana energy. If you stay near this Idol, the prana energy of this Idol will come to you and whatever purification required in your body, it will purify it. My main point was that, we founded it, we did Pran Pratishtha of guruji’s Idol on 21st January 2011. In which, this Idol was filled with the bio energy by doing rituals. We filled this Idol with strong force. I filled this Idol with the Bio energy with much force. The second most important thing is that , the Ashes of Guruji which has very strong vibrations, that are placed in this place. This strong vibrations make the whole place very strong.

So whenever anybody comes to the samadhi Mandir and if he sits in meditation then this Idol will give vibrations to Sadhak and whatever mental wish he is having, it is fulfilled very fast. I told Guruji once that the sadhaks come here for meditation. But they also want to fulfill their material wishes. Actually they should focus on meditation. But we are wasting time for fulfillment of the wishes. So Guruji told me that if the wishes of the sadhak is fulfilled, then he is able to do Sadhana.  So whoever comes to us, we will help whatever we can do. After all, we want to do his spiritual development. And he will be ready by himself to do sadhna. When I remembered this words. Then I thought that this temple has complete and strong environment. Then why not to use it ? We should use it. Now I will explain how  you can benefit from this process. In this Temple, I have prepared an astral environment in which I have put my strong will power, and also added this will power with the gurujis will power. So whenever any sadhak do meditation in front of him, then his financial, material, mental and social development should be done. So whatever energy is here, all the energy works for the sadhak. So his life becomes normal. Then only he can progress on the spiritual path. This is my resolution, that every Sadhak, all his problems, should be solved. Second thing, I have prepared another experiment. In this Astral world, in other temples , there are idols of God, similarly we have installed guruji’s Idol. Surrounding it we have done programming of muladhar Chakra to Sahastradhara Chakra. I have done only programming. Guruji’s vibrations are already there. I only have to reprogram it. I tried that whenever any person has a problem in the muladhar Chakra, he has to sit in front of the muladhar Chakra. He has to watch this Chakra. He has to sit in front of muladhar Chakra for 2 minutes. He has to watch this Chakra. Watching this Chakra, guruji’s vibration for this Chakra will become active. And the person’s muladhar will be affected. This is very natural process. We also understand this very well. But we are magnifying it. I have done this for all Chakras. Secondly if you sit in front of Swadhisthan Chakra, if some person has the disease related to kidney, then he has to sit in front of swadhisthana Chakra and he can be free from that disease. If somebody has a problem with anahat Chakra or may be ajna Chakra then sadhak can use this chakras, the whole environment, the whole process, I have prepared for sadhaks, that my presence is not required. Because Guruji is present here. We all are present due to him. By using his presence,  by using his strong vibration,  we are trying to progress ahead . So please take benefit and progress in Sadhna, come out of physical, mental, financial and social problems and make your life better. Hari Om tatsat

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