Benefits of Meditation

What are the Benefits?

Egolessness, less thoughts, calm mind, relaxed mind and body, pleasing nature


If you want to go ahead in sadhana, your ego should natural decrease. There is no need for having ego for any person. No one is great. God has blessed every one same power. What ever he develops , he can. For example, the neck of giraffe is long. Because it needed the long neck. And it tried to make it long. The man had a tail. But we did not continue its use. So the tail was removed. But a bone of tail is still in our body! So who ever develop whichever skill, he can develop. So one should have no ego. If you are doing any work, you should work as representative of God. Narsinh Mehta who is poet of “Vaishanava Jana to …” told “Hun karun Hun karun ej ajnanata, shakat no bhara jem shwana tane”. (I do, I do, is the only ignorance, as the dog carries the load of bullock-cart). So now we have a definition of jnani. Who is jnani? One who says “ I am not doing”. And who is ajnani (ignorant)? One who says “I am doing”. If you practice meditation with true understanding, you will naturally egoless. Your thoughts will decrease and you will become thoughtless. Thoughtless state is the first step of yoga. Some so called masters project it as final stage! Your mind will become calm. You will know complete functioning of   mind. thereby you will be able to be owner-swami of you mind. You will find several saints having title “swami” who does not know the practical meaning even. Due to such fake saints real saints came to society and started living as social man. Now you will find very few true saints in “saffron” or any other “saint dress”. If you are interested in real saint, you should have insight to recognize them in normal layman’s dress. Your nature will be pleasing. You will meet several saints who loose their temper for small things. You should check a saint’s temper while you meet him. Your body-mind will become more relaxed. And beware of actors. There are some actor saints who can fool you by acting as egoless, acting as swami-owner of mind, acting as having pleasing nature, acting as pure body-mind. Then how to check? The level of guru is useless for you. The dead guru, dead scriptures are of no use. If you get the above qualities in your self, then you should believe that you had a real guru. And how do you know you have got above improvements? When you have anger, you never ask any one about it. If you have natural anger within you, you naturally come to know. You may show others that you are calm. But you yourself know the reality. Similarly the above virtues will develop within your self. You will come to your self that you are really calm, really owner of mind, really sakshi-witness, and really having pleasing nature. This is achieved with the company of real guru. Such a guru is very useful to you. One who really works for you. So the definition of real guru comes. He is a magic stone. He transforms your mind-body. He does not need preaching. At most he teaches some techniques. He speaks less, he does more for you. Probably if god blesses us, then we are able to understand him.

How healing occurs with meditation

Ayurveda cures diseases with food control and herbal drugs. While in acupuncture diseases are healed by inserting needles on specific points on meridian lines. This is well-established science. Similarly, you will experience that the prana (bio-energy) flows in first to fourth bodies. The prana tries to purify the impurities where its flow is blocked in all astral bodies. This is automatic natural process during meditation. Even in sleep our several diseases are healed. Witnessing of thoughts helps us identifying our psychological personality. The original form of soul is pleasure form. So if we do positive thoughts we are attuned our original pleasure form or God inside us. Effects of positive approach have been proved clinically also. A hypnotist can make change in stored thoughts in your subconscious mind. In meditation you can go deep beyond even trance state of mind. And so you can edit your mind as and when required. So if you know that every thought in your subconscious mind has effect on your life, you should think before doing negative thoughts. As you sow, so shall you reap. The mind has three parts; 1. conscious mind 2 subconscious mind 3 super conscious mind. The super conscious mind has a divine plan –destiny stored for you. If you know it practically, you can find out with which skills you are gifted. And if you work in that field, you are successful and happy. So always pray God, “O, God, please show me the way which is made for me. Let it not happen according to my desires. May it happen according to your Godly will. Because my will, my intelligence is very small. Please remove all negative imprints in my subconscious mind. Let positive things happen in my life and make me happy.” My guru told that the pragmatic approach to every situation or person is that nothing is favorable or adverse. No one is either friend or enemy. We should treat every person/situation as our “guru” and should learn something to excel our life.

How astral vision helps in healing

If any person has an astral vision for 2nd to 4th bodies (prana body, astral body, causal body), he can investigate the functioning of these bodies. For example, nadis, charkas, kundalini, petals of charkas are visible to him. He can locate the diseases in these bodies. And thereby improve the nadis, charkas, to cure the diseases. The causes of diseases are not only in physical body (genes, etc), but also in all other astral bodies. These are also causes of person’s mental abilities as well as physical abilities and other god-gifted skills. That’s why doctors can predict some diseases of patients by observing kirlian photograph. When medical science will get knowledge of these astral bodies, then there will be a big revolution in healing sciences.

How to face and purify impurities like ego, Fear, sex, anger, greed, enchantment, etc

These impurities are given by nature to give a momentary experience of original pleasure form. The vibrations of all these impurities are similar. For example, I will elaborate fear. When you are highly frightened, you become naturally thoughtless. You need not do meditate. You can easily go into meditation or samadhi, if you can observe moments of fear with witnessing. So now whenever you have fear, face it, watch it with witnessing. You have an opportunity to study its vibrations. If you do this, either you will go into deep meditation or fear will go away. So find out all attachments of mind, and try to be witness. Watch them with awareness and caution. Your mind will continue to be more and more peaceful.

Welfare the objective of all religion

The founder head of all religion experienced the same things. They used different terminology like samadhi, kingdom of god, khuda, vaikuntha, go loka, etc. There main objective was to give same experience to others. They realized that spirituality could give several solutions to problems occurring in life. To life make better they gave some system. But followers could not continued practical knowledge and benefits from it. So they started doing untrue and whimsical things. But I have faith in spirituality that at some time it will be developed as established science and will be used for betterment of life instead of spreading blind belief.

How to solve questions arising

Do not always depend on your opinion. Please refer the master-guru for guidance.

We-sadhakas practically learn meditation from first day, have quantum jump in meditation with shaktipat from guruji, lead happy life using spiritual powers, get guidance of guruji on all aspects of life and there by pave our way to ultimate experience of self-realization.

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