Atma is in the Gap Eng

Let us manage our existence through Aatma:


In begin let us take an example of mobile. On mobile, which ever menu we want to operate, they comes on touch screen. By touching the menu on the touch screen we use mobile. Similarly, our body is like a robot. The touch screen of our body is within the brain. It is called chitta. On the screen the pictorial thoughts are displayed. By intelligence we decide about good or bad thoughts. But the feeling of ego makes us to select wrong menu and drives our life to wrong direction.


God gave us  very good  body machine. The infinite powers are blessed to us. But due to ignorance, the invaluable natural gift given by God, blessed by God, we are not able to understand its importance. We have infinite powers. Even though 90% power remains non-utilised. We are busy with food, shelter, reproduction and the body meets the death.


If we use this body machine well, then we can have best life.


To be happy in life, to be healthy we have to understand the both,
the Pran energy and no thought gap.


The Sadhana means for whichever mission, for whichever job, The God sent us, we should know it , we should understand it and we should intelligently utilize our feeling, emotions, thoughts, body, mind, heart. We should utilise our life well and we should perform well as per circumstances.


We should become the hands of God


To increase Prana energy, we use Kundalini awakening Shaktipat and meditation. If the Prana energy increases, then the mind becomes calm. The no thought gap the silent gap is experienced. Otherwise it is very difficult to control the thoughts of mind, the feelings of heart.


Our most of the Sadhaks experience no-thought gap surely. Its understanding is the true sadhna only. The no-thought gap resides between one thought and another thought. Our technique, “Don’t do anything at all” brings us easily and naturally to the experience of no-thought gap.


To explain this, we have tried to represent it as a picture.


The very important is the ” no-thought gap “. In this gap, there is no thought. This Means there is no mind in this gap. The Atma is directly experienced. That’s why, by breaking all the circles, the thoughtless gap has been shown to experience the Atma.


In this gap, the feelings, the emotions are also zero. The feelings are pure. That means the feeling is selfless. In this gap, the Prana is pure. The Prana is positive. It is direct experience Aatma. It is practical experience of Atma.


The scientists made a machine, made a statue, then installed brain inside and and made robot.  Such robot does wonderful works, so that even we are amazed. We have to understand the same.


We are the toys of the God. That means, we are robot made by God. The God made our body, conscious mind, subconscious mind, heart, 7 bodies. The God made this beautiful existence and then he positioned himself in the centre as the Atma, sachidanand.


And to know thia Aatma, to experience this Aatma, he gave no-thought gap. He gave Prana energy. The God makes us feel the form of himself by the prana energy in the no-thought gap.


The no-thought gap is between one thought and another thought. It is direct experience of God only.


In no-thought gap, the ego is absent. So our several layers, like the mind, the heart, the ego, etc disappear. At least for a moment, You experience Atma, you experience the God.


In the Sanatan Dharma, this is explained in various ways.


This is explained by the Garba Pot.
In Garba, the pot with many holes is used, and an oil lamp is placed inside the pot. The Atma is the lamp in the center of the Pot. The outcome coming rays depicts the no-thought state. By meditation, we have to be witness of thoughts, we have to catch the silent gap, and we have to experience the lamp of Aatma. Then after, the pot will disappear. Only the lamp will be there.


In temple, if you go into meditation in front of the idol, knowingly or unknowingly you have the same experience.


In music, while listening to bhajans, when we go deep, we have the same experience.


If we go deep in meditation using Mantra in the same experience is felt.


The god is experienced from innermost circle to the outermost circle in the following way.


The explanation of picture.


1. The first innermost circle:

We are Atma that means we are part and parcel of the God. Our natural form is sachidanand. At the level of atma our destiny, our divine plan, the blueprint of life, we may come to know.


2. Second inner most circle:
Prana energy:


The circle shows the form of energy of 7 bodies hidden in ourselves. That means the Prana energy of these 7 bodies are created from Atma energy. The current of all 7 bodies are produced by Atma energy. In all 6 subtle body, the karmas Store is in the form of bioenergy.


If we purifu the current of these 7 bodies, then we can experience Aatma very easily.


3. Third innermost circle: Heart :


The prana energy is produced from aatmic energy. When ever the Aatma experience the feeling, it is called emotions.  The emotions are managed by Prana energy. The heart stores the karma-emotions, in the forms of feelings.


What is the purification a feeling or emotions? The purification of emotions means the absence of emotions. If we don’t have any emotions, then such emotions are called pure emotions. In Other words, it may be called as feeling of selflessness.


We feel unhappy due to feelings, not due to thoughts.


It is often called that the man is a social animal. But in actuality reality, the man is an emotional animal. Why do we say that the man is simply an animal. The person who is interested only in food, shelter and reproduction is nothing more than animal.


What is Sadhana ? It means the God sent us, for whatever mission, we should know it , we should understand our mission, then we should utilise our emotions, feeling, our body, our mind very intelligently,  and we should perform well as per the circumstances. We should become the hands of the god.


If we live by using intelligence, instead of using feelings , then we will never become happy or unhappy.


So we should live, we should try to live, using pure intelligence, instead of using feelings.


The Atma whenever thinks, is called the mind. The atma whenever feels the emotions, is called the heart.


We are coming since many births. In every birth, we have felt unhappiness and happiness, respect and insult. The Atma thinks by using pure intelligence. But the feelings come in between. Due to feeling, we are bonded by the thoughts.


The raga-dwesha are also due to feeling only.  When a good thought comes, We express like or We express raga. This is an attachment, the feeling only. When a bad thought comes, we express dvesha or dislike. That is also a feeling only.


To become witness, means to think without feelings or without emotions.


When we utilise these feelings for good purpose, when we don’t have any personal feeling or any personal emotions, it is called selfless feeling, it is called pure feeling, it is called pure emotions. The god is thirsty of feelings only.


Such selfless thoughts, will come in very limited quantity, and will come as per requirements only. The mind will become calm. The atma will be experienced for 24 by 7.


4. Fourth circle, the subconscious mind

The Atmic energy produces the Prana energy. The Prana energy becomes feelings and thoughts. The Prana energy is electrical energy. The feelings,  the thoughts are like image files stored in heart and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind stores
the self-programs, the self-talk which were already done by us. So our life is driven by the program stored in subconscious. These are called thought-karmas. Whatever thoughts we have done, so becomes our life  . Our life becomes as per our thoughts.


Guruji says, “do think before you think. Because if the thought done by you, gone in the subconscious, it will give results as per time and circumstances surely.


5th Circle consious mind

The conscious mind consists of the thoughts. When the Atma flows the current , it is called Prana. When the Aatma feel emotions, it is called heart. When Atma thinks, it is called the mind.


Now comes, the very important , the no-thought gap. In this gap, there is no thought. Means there is no mind. In this case, the Atma is directly experienced. That’s why, this no-thought gap is shown by breaking all the circles. It has been shown to experience this gap. It has been shown to experience the Atma.


In this gap, the emotions are also zero. The feelings are pure.  The prana energy is pure. The direct experience of Aatma is felt practically.


6th circle the body

The physical body works like mechanical system. Suppose we want to raise our hand. Then by using mind , by using Prana Energy, by using feeling, we raise hand.


Suppose we want to do Prana healing.  By the feeling of mind , by using the fingers of hand , by using prana energy , we can do Prana healing . That means everything is done by the order of Aatma, the self.


Atma, We, God,
Super Conscious, Destiny, Divine Plan


Prana Energy, Current of 7 bodies
Karma stored as Prana


Heart: Karma stored as Feelings


Subconscious Mind, Karma stored as thoughts , Program


Conscious Mind, Thoughts,
Silence Gap


Physical Body


In outward direction…..


Picture drawn by Atul Tank

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