Brahmlin Siddhyogi Shri Vibhakar R. Pandya

“Practical jnana (knowledge) is obtained…

not by merely reading religious scriptures, not by merely listening to great saints, not by merely logical thinking or not by any system based on beliefs.

But ultimate experience of enlightenment is achieved

by true understanding, implementation of real concepts in life, and regular scientific yogic sadhana consisting of purifying yogic exercises, and meditation with open mind.”


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Come, Sit, Experience true knowledge and join hands together for betterment of our future.

We can make human lives on our mother earth still better.

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Siddhyog: Pragmatic Approach to Spirituality and better society

Our guruji(Master) had dedicated his life to study and analysis of all available religious solutions. Founder heads of all religions aimed for welfare of humanity. But nowadays, world has developed to such a level that several complementary religious systems can be integrated to design new better scientific system. New man is not satisfied by only concepts, believes or spiritual principles. But in competitive world he needs to have definite tools, experiments which can excel his life materially as well as spiritually.